About us

"Flyduino" has existed since 2011 and has already gained deep experience in the design and production of electronic components for Multicopter. By cooperating with well-known representatives of the multirotor scene - initially without any commercial intent - long-term projects such as flight controllers, sensor boards (IMUs) and motor controllers (ESCs). Cooperations with Alexandre Dubus (France - MultiWii), Jussi Hermansen (Denmark - Viacopter - KK), Bill Nesbitt (USA - AutoQuad, ESC32) Alexander Fedorov and many other international players of the hobbies.

Flyduino - whose name is derived from the open source project "Arduino" - first developed, tested and produced the first affordable flight controller based on ATMega 1280 in cooperation with the MultiWii community. The control system was complemented by a variety of sensor boards, which in the course of time passed through several development stages and were steadily pushed forward by Jussi Hermansen and Fabio Varesano (Italy - FreeIMU).
The focus was always on the end user: the components were affordable, the simplicity and transparency of the firmware and software were the engines for the continued development of the components. Over time, the company's own development, engines, engine controls and other peripherals were added.
From cooperation with the internationally known Multirotor Stuntpiloten "wartox" frame for Quadrocopter were developed.

From the cooperation with Bill Nesbitt the so far most extensive project, the "AutoQuad". With this open source team, the focus is on autonomously operating aircraft - in the meantime, the development of the "ESC32" engine control was added to ensure an optimally coordinated ratio of the individual components.

Another focal point of continuous innovation is the "Brushlessmania", which has been going on for about a year, launched by Aleksey Moskalenko (Russia - Alexmos / Basecam), which is concerned with the development of camera stabilization with brushless motors.
In the meantime, the 3rd generation of stand-alone camera gimbals has already been developed, which are currently the gateway to many new applications with an ARM Cortex 32bit processor and 3-axis stabilization.
In a very short space of time, many developments have emerged, both for the hobby sector and for high-professional applications in the film and photography sector.

In the meantime Flyduino also have a name in the demanding RC/FPV racing scene and is delivering capable electronics made in Germany by our chief engineer Felix Niessen.