Information about safety and liability by           

Limitation of Liability           

Since we only deal with components, we can not be held liable for damages that may arise out of the assembled by the buyer devices.

We like to help with instructions for assembly, but these are not binding instructions. Moreover, our work is based on the developments that emerge from the community of the "Multicopter" possessed. Here you will find many references and assembly instructions, which are very useful and instructive for but still not take any responsibility, whether or not it works is still what it causes with the homemade devices.

Not a toy! (For children)

One thing is certain, we do not sell toys! (And are not subject to the Toys Directive 2009/48/EC) It does not follow that our parts and corresponding builds equipment for use by children are.

Be careful when flying           

It is essential that each and every one wants to work with RC airplanes that are informed in advance about the potential dangers and regulations. Especially here was also pointed out the legal requirements for the operation of model aircraft, the option allows for the air traffic regulations read in all its beauty.  in ganzer Schönheit nachlesen lassen.

A liability insurance can protect against financial risks here. Maybe it makes sense to join a model flying club.

Be careful when assembling !


Make sure that after installation, the propeller can rotate freely and can not collide with objects. Do not touch the rotating propeller. It could result in serious injury.


Modern batteries, such as those available at are real powerhouses.
The high energy density if not handled and / or stored propperly can cause fire and explosion.

lease do not dispose batteries with household waste.

Recycling (Germany only)

Our components are registered with WEEE. We paid for the disposal. You have to give them only to designated collection points.

We hope to assist them with these vital clues and hope you enjoy the following assembly and flight operations.